Huey/Cobra Helicopter

Huey/Cobra Rides

Fly back in time with the men and machines that were there! The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation will be providing rides once again at this year’s show. For an $110 donation, spectators can climb on board a UH-1H “Huey”. Riders fly with up to 10 passengers and a veteran pilot for about ten minutes. For an even more intense ride, spectators can ride in an AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter. A 10 minute solo ride costs $625. Rides are on a first come, first serve basis. No advance reservations are accepted. Rides begin promptly at 9 am when gates open and end at 6 pm when gates close. Rides will be paused when the military performers are flying. Certain age, health, and weight restrictions may apply.


  • The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to presenting the Army Aviation story to the American people!
  • Both the Huey and Cobra helicopters are from the Vietnam era. Vietnam is known as the first helicopter war as they appeared by the thousands!
  • A Huey currently owned by AAHF, named 624, was flown by Rick Welch, a current volunteer of AAHF during active duty. Rick had several special missions in 624, including a mission to pick up one million dollars to be used as a ransom! Another volunteer with AAHF was a door gunner in 624 during Vietnam!

Bell UH-1 Huey FAST FACTS:

Engine: 1 Lycoming T53-L-13 turbine, 1,400 shaft horsepower

Length: 57 feet

Height: 13 feet, 7 inches

Maximum Speed: 127 MPH

Range: 299 Miles

Gross Weight: 9,500 pounds

Crew: Four: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-pilot, 1 Crew Chief, 1 Door Gunner

Passengers: 9

Bell AH-1F Cobra FAST FACTS:

Engine: Lycoming T53-L-703, 1,800 shaft horsepower

Length: 53 feet

Height: 13 feet, 6 inches

Maximum Speed: 172 MPH

Range: 315 Miles

Empty Weight: 5,810 pounds

Crew: Two: 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot/gunner

Website: http://www.armyav.org/

Precision Exotics

precision exotics

Precision Exotics offers an amazing opportunity to get fans of high-end sports cars blood pumping by getting behind the wheel of the exotic car of their dreams. This ride experience will be available at the show for purchase on site. Precision Exotics will offer rides in two of the world’s most desirable exotic vehicles – the Ferrari F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

The Ferrari F430 was introduced in 2004 at the Paris Motor Show in France. The vehicle may seem docile, but it boasts a 0-62 time at 4.0 seconds and can stop from that 62 MPH in just over 100 feet. It has a top speed of 196 MPH making it one of the fastest Ferraris ever built!

The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was unveiled in early 2006. It’s a member of the first-generation Gallardo family but it’s also a substantial upgrade from the earlier Gallardo. This precision instrument can achieve a 0-62 time in just 4.3 seconds and all the way back to 0 in just over 110 feet. A top speed of 196 MPH can be reached assuming you have enough road and nerve to get there!

Website: http://www.precisionexotics.com/

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