Services for the Disabled


Patrons with handicapped licenses or hang tags will be directed to the appropriate area.

P-lot Parking

If you purchased a Pavilion, Blue Sky Chalet, or private/corporate chalet ticket, which includes a P-lot parking pass, you will be directed to park in the P-lot parking lot. There are shuttle buses which are capable of hauling wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters in the luggage compartment at the bottom of the bus. There are a few steps to get into the shuttle bus. If you are permanently confined to a wheelchair and cannot walk up a few steps on a shuttle bus, please do not hold up your P-lot parking pass to police directing traffic. You will be directed to handicap parking based off of your handicap license or hang tag.

The P-lot parking lot will drop you off closer to the chalets or Pavilion than would parking in handicap parking. Please visit our parking tab to see a map of our parking lots.


Because the Air Show happens in the air, viewing is available throughout the facility. While no designated seating exists for the disabled, the site IS accessible. A large portion of the Air Show Spectator Area is on hard, flat surfaces. Keep in the mind that the Air Show covers a large amount of real estate and patrons should be prepared to traverse a significant distance in the process of getting into and out of the Air Show.


Restroom facilities for the disabled are available and typically found at the ends of the large banks of portable toilets.

Physically Challenged Shuttle

There will be continuous golf cart shuttles running to help transport those who are physically challenged. There are four stops on the show grounds. Click here to view the map. Two of the carts will be wheelchair accessible.

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