P-51D Swamp Fox

P-51D Swamp Fox

The P-51D Swamp Fox is painted in honor of the original P-51D Swamp Fox that was flown by Retired Lt. Col. Will Foard during WWII.

Lt. Col. Foard named his plane “Swamp Fox” after the famous American Revolutionary hero, Col. Francis Marion. Col. Marion was hated by the British during the Revolutionary War and given the name “Swamp Fox” by them. Lt. Col. Foard, who was flying out of England, thought it would be funny to name his plane after a man hated by the British. The original “Swamp Fox” was disposed as surplus overseas on July 16, 1946.

The P-51D, air show fans will see flying at the show was restored from 2007 – 2012. In June of 2012, Robert Dickson Sr. and his son RT bought the plane and painted it in honor of the original “Swamp Fox” in order to honor and preserve this part of history.

The aircraft will be flown by RT. He grew up flying with this father and began flying in air shows in 1992 in a TEMCO T-38 that his family still owns.

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