Greg Koontz

Greg Koontz

The Pilot: Greg Koontz

Greg Koontz learned to fly in 1969, getting his Private Pilot Certificate when he turned 17 years old. At 20, Greg got his start in the air show world when he bought a Piper Cub. The original owner wanted to borrow the aircraft back for his traveling airshow called Ernie’s Flying Circus. Greg agreed to lend the aircraft back if he was allowed to perform in the shows too. Greg worked full-time for Ernie and his son until he began flying for a corporate airline in 1981. Today, Greg is full-time airshow and aerobatics professional.

The Plane: Super Decathlon

The Decathlon and Super Decathlon entered production in the early 1970s, the result of a long design evolution begun in the 1940s. The current model is the premier trainer and best selling aerobatic airplane today--a training/sport plane built for competition. The Super Decathlon has a Lycoming AEIO-360 engine with 180 horses and inverted fuel and oil systems. Its large wing allows for tight maneuvering and slower entry speeds, allowing for close and up-front performances. The Super D is certified for the whole list of aerobatic maneuvers, including outside loops, vertical rolls and accelerated stalls.


Rate of Climb: 1280 fpm
Max Speed: 155 mph
Service Ceiling: 15,800 ft
Max Gross Weight: 1950 lbs
Useful Load: 600 lbs
Acrobatic Limit Loading: +6, -5 G’s

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