Vicky Benzing

Vicky Benzing

Accomplished pilot, skydiver, aerobatic performer and air racer, Vicky Benzing, will amaze spectators this year with her high-energy and action-packed aerobatic routine. She learned to fly at a young age and has been flying for over 30 years. Vicky has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and resides in California.


  • Vicky has nearly 8,000 hours of flight time!
  • She has set the record as the “Fastest Woman Racer” ever in the history of the Reno Air Races in Nevada!
  • Vicky has over 1,200 parachute jumps!

Extra 300S FAST FACTS:

Engine: Lycoming

Wingspan: 24.6 feet

Length: 21.8 feet

Roll Rate: 400 degrees per second

Speed: 250 mph

Empty Weight: 1,342 lbs