SNV-1 Valiant "California Girl"

SNV-1 Valiant

The SNV-1 was used to train naval aviators during World War II. There were three training phases to become a pilot. The SNV was used for the second phase of the training program. After the war ended, the aircraft were sold as surplus. This particular aircraft was sold as surplus in 1946 for six hundred dollars. It has been restored to what it would have looked like in 1943.


  • The SNV-1 is the last flying out of the 2,500 built by Vultee at Downey California!
  • It was built in 1942 and spent two years at NAS Pensacola as a trainer before being transferred to NAS Corpus Christi!
  • It served as a tanker for a crop dusting service in California from the 1950s through the 1970s!


Manufacturer: Vultee

Engine: One Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 Wasp Junior

Wingspan: 41 feet, 12 inches

Length: 28 feet, 10 inches

Height: 11 feet, 6 inches

Maximum Speed: 181 miles per hour

Range: 630 nautical miles

Ceiling: 21,600 feet

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4,495 pounds

Crew: Two: Instructor pilot and student pilot