GEICO Skytypers

The planes that trained World War II Navy pilots will make the trip to Dayton to thrill spectators with a breathtaking demonstration of precision combat maneuvers that helped define pilots of the Greatest Generation. The team’s six vintage SNJ training aircraft will roar over air show crowds in an 18-minute, low-level, precision-flying demonstration honoring the US Armed Forces. Nearly every Allied pilot who flew in the Second World War strapped into a North American Aviation designed T-6 or SNJ. The GEICO Skytypers fly the SNJ-2 version. In addition to their air show performances, the team types giant messages in the sky. Flying wingtip-to-wingtip in a line-abreast formation, the lead plane sends computer signals to each of four other aircraft, synchronizing smoke releases to generate 1,000-foot-tall messages.

Did You Know?

  • Most of the team members earned their wings in the military!
  • The aircraft used by the team were originally built in 1940 and 1941 during World War II!
  • The aircraft fly approximately 250 feet apart to create letters 1,000 feet in height with messages spanning 6-8 miles in length!
  • Each letter the GEICO Skytypers types is higher than the Empire State Building with 20-25 character messages created in under two minutes!
  • People can see the messages from 15 miles away!
  • Skytyping is 17 times faster than skywriting! A single letter is created every 4 seconds!

SNJ-2 Fast Facts

Engine: Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-36

Wingspan: 24 feet, 7 inches

Length: 28 feet, 11 inches

Climb Speed: 140 mph

Speed: 213 mph at 6,000 feet

Maximum Gross Weight: 4,954 pounds