British Sea Harrier

British Sea Harrier

Last appearing in 2012, the renowned British Sea Harrier, a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, will perform at this year’s show. Operated for many years by Britain’s Royal Navy, the Sea Harrier became famous for its service during the Falklands War. Lifting like a helicopter, hovering in mid-air and then flying at nearly the speed of sound, the Sea Harrier is a unique and an incredible example of aviation technology. Nicknamed the jump jet, the Sea Harrier will astound spectators with its amazing capability and is sure to be a crowd favorite. The Sea Harrier performing at Dayton is the only privately-owned Harrier in the world. It was acquired from the Royal Navy in 2005 by U.S. citizen, Art Nalls, a retired and decorated Marine Corps pilot. The Sea Harrier has a more powerful engine and is faster than the Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier that has performed at Dayton in the past.

  • The aircraft is the first and only privately owned and flown Harrier of any kind in the world.
  • The Sea Harrier is known as "SHAR". It is a vertical, short, takeoff, and landing (VSTOL) fighter.
  • There were only 76 Sea Harriers built. The aircraft performing at our show is the oldest surviving Sea Harrier.
  • The Sea Harrier was used by the British in the 1982 war with Argentina. It shot down 21 Argentine aircraft with no air-to-air losses.

Sea Harrier FAST FACTS:

Engine: 1 Rolls Royce "Pegasus" MK 104

Thrust: 21,600 pounds

Length: 46 feet, 5 inches

Height: 11 feet, 10 inches

Wingspan: 26 feet, 3 inches

Maximum gross weight: 26,200 pounds

Fuel consumption in hover: Approximately 1 gallon every 2 seconds

Cruise speed: 430 miles per hour

Crew: One pilot