Airborne Imaging DC-3


Over 75 years old and still a workhorse. N92578 is one of three DC-3s operated by Airborne Imaging out the Mid-Way Regional Airport in Midlothian, Texas. These birds are the mainstay of their fleet. Each is specially outfitted to host a wide variety of sensors and can be customized by to suit the customer’s needs. Currently N92578 is supporting an Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) project out of Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. To support this effort a custom centerline mount was designed and fitted by Airborne Imaging in order to the DC-3 to hold a BRU-15 Bomb Rack. On the rack is mounted AFRL’s AgilePod; a multi-intelligence, open architecture, reconfigurable prototype designed for the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and Air Force Special Operations communities.

Airborne Imaging DC-3 FAST FACTS:

  • Camera Holes: 4(20 X 20)
  • Upward & downward looking nose mount accommodating a ball, turret or other types of sensors.
  • Special Doors: 2 Large Side facing fiberglass radar doors
  • DC Power: 400 AMPs
  • AC: 5000 Watts (True Sine Inverter)
  • On board GPS network via active splitter
  • Multiple Equipment racks

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney 1830 radial engines

Length: 64 feet, 5 inches

Height: 16 feet, 11 inches

Wingspan: 95 feet

Crew: Three: pilot, co-pilot, crew chief

Capacity: 10 operators and crew