U.S. Army AH-64


The Apache AH-64D/E is the Army’s attack helicopter. It is capable of destroying armor, personnel, and materiel targets in obscured battlefield conditions. The Apache is a twin-engine, four-blade tandem-seat attack helicopter equipped with an M230 30-mm cannon, Hydra-70 2.75-inch rockets, and HELLFIRE missiles (both laser-guided and radio frequency).

The current Army Aviation fleet contains both AH-64D Longbow Apaches and AH-64E models. The Apache is fielded to both Active Army and Army National Guard armed reconnaissance battalions and cavalry units. The aircraft is designed to support Brigade Combat Teams across the full spectrum of warfare.

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  • Designed and equipped with a Modular Open Systems Approach to incorporate the latest communications, navigation, sensor, and weapon systems 
  • Combat mission speed: AH-64D 145 knots (max speed); AH-64E 164 knots (max speed) 
  • Combat range: 260 nautical miles  
  • Combat endurance: 2.5 hours  
  • Maximum gross weight: 20,260 pounds 
  • Ordnance: 
    • 16 HELLFIRE missiles
    • 76 2.75-inch rockets
    • 1,200 30-mm chain gun rounds
  • Crew: Two (pilot and copilot gunner)
  • Rate of Fire: 600 – 650 rounds per minute 

Website: https://asc.army.mil/web/portfolio-item/apache-attack-helicopter-ah-64d-e/